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Vision is our specialty! We offer comprehensive eye exams, developmental and neurological eye exams, and low vision services.

Our practice is built on friendly staff, professional optometrists, and state-of-the-art technologies to diagnose and treat vision problems (low vision and vision therapy services), refractive errors, and Post Trauma Vision Syndrome.

Vision is learned and develops from infancy. Did you know that eye exams are recommended beginning at age 6 months? Vision disorders occur in 1 in every 4 children. In fact, 60% of children receiving learning support have undiagnosed vision disorders contributing to their learning problems. Many vision problems go undetected by pediatric screenings or school screenings. This is because these screenings only screen visual acuity, which is just 1 of the 17 skills that make up the complex process of vision. 80% of what the brain processes daily is visual, and 65% of the brain is wired for visual processing. 20/20 is only the beginning!


In addition to glasses and contacts, we offer services and treatment options for common visual problems in children and adults. Specific vision therapy programs are designed to treat autism, ADHD/ADD, convergence problems, strabismus (lazy eye), amblyopia, eye tracking (oculomotor dysfunctions), accommodation disorders, ambient visual disorders, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Optical Shop

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Whether you wear glasses or contacts, we have the right lenses to suit your needs. Whether you want the latest fashion statement, or a traditional look, our staff can help you find a frame that is right for your style, and your budget.

We recently wrote an article in Natural Awakenings magazine!

Strasburg Family Eyecare was recently published in the local health magazine Natural Awakenings. Our article, called "Better Treatment for Lazy Eye and Eye Turns",takes a look at the history of eye surgery and why the 21st century treatment of vision therapy is less invasive and often more effective. Check it out!