Binocular Exams

Binocular vision exams are very different from comprehensive eye exams or routine eye exams. During a routine eye exam the following are examined:

  • Visual Acuity to check for any prescription
  • The Anterior Eye Health (using special cameras and other microscopes)
  • The Posterior Eye health (for disease)

Strasburg Family Eyecare Binocular ExamsThe Binocular vision exam includes all of the above evaluations, plus the evaluation of:

  • Near focusing skills
  • Eye coordination
  • Eye movement and tracking
  • Depth perception
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Sensory Vision
  • Visual Information Processing

The perceptual evaluation provides information regarding how each child visually learns or processes information. Over 80% of what we perceive is visual. Meaning, 80% of the brain is used just for processing visual information and awareness.

Testing for visual information processing overall is determined by a battery of tests. These tests visual skills like visual memory and discrimination. This information is then scored and compared to age appropriate standards for children with no deficits in visual information processing.

Additional information is also gathered, such as directionality awareness, right vs. left awareness, fine motor skills, eye tracking for reading, visual recognition of sound patterns and visualization skills.

A Binocular Exam is typically done in 2 office visits, that way we can ensure accurate results because we do not exhaust the visual demand on the child during this 90 minutes of testing.



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