Sports Vision Training

  • Have you ever wished you could get a better read on the green while putting?
  • Have you ever wished to increase your batting average?
  • Ever wished you could get a better read on the tennis ball?
  • Ever wished you had been able to react quicker to that 5-hole at the goalies knees?
  • Ever wished you could see more openings when running the football down the field?

If so, Sports Vision Training may be the solution!

Quotes and Interested Sports Vision Training Facts:

  • "The Eyes lead the body" Former Clevelend Browns Coach Blanton Collier
  • Sports Illustrated's Vision Science Video of Jevan Sneed, Quarterback at Old Miss., demostrating the importance of visual accuracy and speed when completing a pass.

How Can Sports Vision Training Help You?

What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports Vision Training = AN EDGE - a missed putt, and increased batting average, more free-throws, a caught 3rd down pass, etc. Sports Vision Training is an advanced science being used by college and professional athletes alike. Check out Sports Vision Magazine to read more.

Sports vision training works to improve the visual abilities of an athlete, with respect to his or her individual sport. The human Visual System is the complex relationship between the eyes and the brain. In sports, the focus of training is in the following areas: Eye Alignment, Focusing, Eye Teaming/Tracking, Fusion, Peripheral Vision and Dynamic Vision, Contrast Vision and Visualization. Each one of these areas can be trained, much like curls increase your biceps, to be stronger, sharper, and quicker.

What this means to you is better PEAK visual skills:

  • Eye-Hand Coordination - the ability to more accurately use your eye to direct the movements of our hands/body therefore increasing reaction time.
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity - acuity while object is in motion
  • Contrast Vision - sharpness of vision in a variety of lighting conditions
  • Tracking of objects in motion - increased ability to "keep your eye on the ball"
  • Increased peripheral vision - increased ability to see things "out of the corner of your eye"
  • Visualization - the ability to see an object in motion and anticipate where it will be even before the object gets there
  • Increased awareness of depth perception - the ability to quickly judge the distance and speed of an object (baseball, tennis ball, etc)
  • Stronger focusing - this is the ability to change focus from one object to another in a quick and concise manner

Experience and Knowledge

Besides working with individual local athletes, Dr. Lauver has been the Sports vision specialist for the Lampeter Strasburg Baseball team since 2008. Many of the players participate in these activities weekly to maintain their new and improved vision skills.

Another great reason to be screened is that research shows that over 80% of what we learn comes from the visual system/what and how we see things. That percentage is even higher for athletes. Keep in mind, the eye gives the first signals to the brain to move the body.

We hope you have found this information helpful. If you desire to take your game to the next level than consider sports vision training and call our office to schedule an evaluation. You can also email Dr. Lauver with any questions.

(A fee of $85 will be charged if no Sports Vision Training package is purchased.)

How do I get started?

With a Sports Vision Analysis. This analysis takes 60-90 mins, and includes a variety of tests and interview questions which provide Dr. Lauver with a comprehensive look at your Visual System in its current condition. This allows Dr. Lauver to customize a Sport Vision Training program specific not only to your visual system, but to your individual sport.

What is the cost of Sports Vision Training?

There are various training packages, which will be selected based on your screening results and athletic needs. Those packages range from $500-$1,400/package.

Sports Vision Training Packages

While each program is customized, below are examples of just a few techniques we use:

  • Nike Strobe Goggles Click here to see a video demonstration
  • Saccadic Fixation
  • Rotator Exercises
  • Vision Training Lenses

A recent study of Olympic athletes showed:

  • 30% of athletes had less than 20/20 vision
  • 25% of athletes had decreased depth perception
  • 26% of athletes had poor eye-hand coordination for the demands of their sport
  • 12% of athletes had inaccurate eye movement abilities (ex: able to keep their eyes on the ball)

Imagine if you had only one of the deficits listed above. Now imagine the ability to improve that deficit through an easy to follow sports vision training program, which can be done at home and/or in office.

Sports Vision Training Resources

Sports Vision Analysis
Explanation of each area of the visual system and how it relates to John smith who is a baseball player.

Sample Sports Vision Analysis Chart
his is an example of the results of a patients Sports Vision Analysis - this is done prior to setting up Sport Vision we can custom tailor a SVT program just for John Smith.

Sports Vision Pre-Evaluation Form


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